Use Zoom To Interact With Your Favorite Globe Presenters

is a conferncing platform for having meetings, making presentations, sharing audio/video, and so much more. Many organizations from all over the world use zoom for conferences and presentations, and at the globe, we do, too!
Zoom is cross platform, meaning you can use it on a lan/analog phone line, mobile device, pc, mac, and even Linux. Because of how easy it is to join meetings (you don't even have to install a program in theory to participate) we feel this will give the most people the easiest access to interacting With our shows and djs.
The following links and pages will enable you to download zoom, then links will be provided for directly going to our zoom channel. Lastly, you'll see some listening links in case the broadcaster isn't streaming the music into zoom. read each section carefully, as tips for easy access are provided along the way.

Download Zoom

While not required, downloading Zoom may be the simplest way to join us right away. You don't need to create an account unless you want to. It's advisable to hit the settings button and make sure the box to always turn on computer audio is checked. This is especially true if you download zoom for your IOS or android device.
Use one of the following links to grab the latest version of zoom.
click here to download and install Zoom For Windows

click here to download and install Zoom For Mac
If you'd rather use zoom on your mobile phone, then search for zoom on the google play or apple IOS app store.

To Join A Live Presenter On Zoom Now, Pick From One Of The Following Options

Please note any links that will take you away from the globe will open in a new window for your convenience. Also, especially if you click the first link and your browser asks you about downloading/installing something, it's safe to install. It's what will allow you to use zoom without installing a program. If you use one of the links above to download zoom, the client should launch on its own. If you see a message that says "waiting for host" it means you're just a little early. But just hang out, and as soon as the meeting starts, you'll be pulled in.

Listening To A Show While In The Zoom Room

Thanks to updates made by zoom, it's much easier for presenters to stream the music that they are playing into the zoom room. This means you don't need an additional player to be open while chatting with your presenters and friends from the globe.
However, if the broadcaster is unable to do this, the following links will give you quick access to tuning in on your own.

listen to 195 The Globe's Music Channel Using Our Web Player (not recommended for smart phones)
launch 195 The Globe's Music Channel in your default media player
launch the 195 The Globe Music Channel In Older Versions Of Winamp Or Similar Older Players
access the globe listen page with all options for accessing all of our streams
If a smart phone is more your thing, then search for zoom on the google play or IOS app stores.
If you have any questions or problems, you can find help on the zoom page or simply use the contact link on the globe's main page to reach out.
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