Please Make A Selection From One Of The Following Three Options

This page is designed to help you customize your experience for listening to your favorite show while interacting with any djs who are using our globe zoom room for interacting with listeners. When you go to the zoom room, if you are earlier than 15 minutes before the start of a show or if you try going when nothing is on, you'll be forced to wait until the presenter arrives, so only use this page if you're certain zoom is being used.
Unlike in Teamtalk, it is difficult for the stream to be heard while in the zoom room, so the below listening options should help you listen to the show while still participating in the zoom interaction. Alternatively, you'll be able to use the third link to jump right to the meeting if you want. With the web player listening option, the player will open in a second window so you can still listen and control the player, while joining the meeting from this page. Alternatively, you can hit either alt1, to launch the web player, Alt2 to launch your default media player, or Alt 3, followed by enter, to highlight and join the zoom meeting, which will launch in a second window.
If you choose the aalternative link by hitting Alt4 plus enter, you may be prompted to run an application. Select run, and the client will run and connect.
You may also
download and install the zoom client
then run the client, mmaking sure in audio settings you check to always join computer audio, then enter in the following ID:
You can also grab zoom cloud meetings from the google play or ITunes app store, and join us via your mobile device.
If you do not have zoom installed and you select the link to join the meeting below, you'll be prompted by your browser to install the launcher for the meeting. Alt N in internet explorer will make this box come up. Allow the installation by selecting the run button, and you'll be brought in. Make sure you enable computer by selecting join computer audio button on the computer, or use the internet call button on mobil3e devices.
So with that in mind, please select an option.