Apply To Join The Radio Revolution At 195 The Globe

If you are interested in joining our dynamic broadcast team, please complete the following.
1. Fill out this short application form.
2. If you didn't upload a sample recording of your broadcast work on the application, or you don't have something to upload, we will see what you need to connect and stream to a server like the one we'll be using. While we're happy to help you get set up and learn your software as needed, we cannot purchase any of your software for you.
3. Unless you've are able to upload a recording that meets our standards, or once we've been able to get you configured to broadcast, you'll be given the opportunity to do a test show that will enable us to listen to your sound.
Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Things To Know Before Applying

1. Our station will be licensed so we will be legally broadcasting music and the proper reporting will be done to the music industry as required by copyright and licensing law.
2. Unless it has been cleared with the board, there will not be any simulcasting at any time. The majority of content on the globe will be unique to our station. If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to us via our contact page.

The Application

Use the following form to fill out your application to become a broadcaster on the globe. Please read through all fields carefully. Note that if you attach a show sample to your application, it will take a few moments for your form to be submitted so that the mp3 you send us can upload. How long that will take depends on your internet connection. If you have an mp3 of a show you've done, and you think it'll take too long to upload, put the url of a link where we can download the recording.
Unless a field is labeled as optional, all fields are required.

Introduce Yourself

Please enter your first and last name:

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Tell Us About Your Show

What is the name of your show?

Please tell us your dj name:

Please tell us the day, start and end times you'd like for your show. Don't forget to reference our program schedule before proceeding.

Please give us a description of what your show will be like. make this as in-depth as possible:

A Sample Of Your Work And Last Comments

In order for you to be considered for a slot on our station, we need to hear a sample of your work. If you have a sample of your work, which could be a show you've done in the past, part of a show, etc, you can use the below field to upload the show to us. If you do not have a show to upload, but you have it stored in a public dropbox folder or somewhere else, please include that link in the comments field at the bottom of the application. If you don't have a sample yet, that's fine, but please note as such in the comments field so that we can work with you to set up a test broadcast. Please note that failing to comply with this will most likely result in your application being automatically denied.

If you have any comments, questions or anything else you think would be useful for us to know, go ahead and enter them here. Any experiences you'd like to share, skills you think would be beneficial, etc: This field is optional too